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Years of experience in full-stack development. From PHP to JavaScript, Angular, React, C ++, C #, Java, Python, Node.js. Projects of any level of complexity and load.
We have been engaged in blockchain development for over 4 years. Mainly we work with EVM of Ethereum-based systems, have huge expertise in Solidity, including the Assembler level (gas saving).
We develop fintech projects, low latency trading platforms and other applications where speed of execution and security are important.


If you have a project and received several offers with different types of technical implementation, please contact us.

We will help you find the right technological solution and avoid mistakes, which will be much more expensive to correct in the future.
Our team has some of the best SEO specialists who, before getting down to work, will honestly say whether it makes sense to invest in the search engine promotion of your project, or if other methods are better for it.
If we were recommended to you, but you did not find what you were looking for, please contact us anyway.

If we are unable to help, we will recommend trusted professionals.



Aleksandr Makarov
Chief Executive Officer
Has been involved in the development of wide range IT and fintech projects since 2011. He has extensive experience in financial markets. Crypto-enthusiast, maximally devoted to his work. Oenophile, fond of cooking.
Alexey Saluk
Chief Technology Officer
Experienced developer and manager. His stack: C#, PHP, JavaScript, Node.js, Solidity, Backend. Low-latency solutions, developed own low-latency trading platform (Moscow Exchange certified VPTS). Development for No-Code solutions (TSLab API).
Yuriy Shmonin
Chief IT Specialist
Since 2010 in IT-industry, is engaged in launching different services. Since 2017, he has been immersed in the blockchain industry, mostly in EVM-compatible networks. Together with his team he creates different services, as well as supervises custom blockchain development.
Ivan Korotaev
Middle East Representative
For more than 4 years worked as a CFO in large companies. He is a successful startuper. Loves overcoming challenges and improving day by day. Happy husband and father.
Artur Geliuta
IT Specialist
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